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Philorn Key Lock Box is a top level security product that provides convenient and foolproof protection for your valuables such as keys, room cards and bank cards

Why Do You Need It
☑ Will not forget your keys because you no longer need to bring these heavy things! (Especially for elderly people with poor memory)
☑ No need to prepare keys for every family member, put keys into the box for the whole family to use
☑ No longer need to hide keys under flower pot or door mat
☑ Emergency Entry & Password Resettable: When friends visit you but you are not at home/When you are outside, suddenly realize that the stove has forgotten to close, you need the help of your neighbors, tell them the password by phone to enter the house and change the password afterwards

Why Philorn
▶ 4-Digit Top Security: No way to crack this lock(Even us, the manufacturer), any bad guys will retreat when faced with 10,000 password combinations(Also no keyhole can be used to crack)
▶ Unbreakable: Made of heavy-duty zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, will not rust, no afraid of hammering, sawing, prying
▶ Weatherproof: The shutter over dials makes the box not afraid of rain
▶ Compact Size & Highly Concealed: It looks like a weather-protected outdoor outlet, no one will notice it
▶ Large Storage Capacity: It can protect up to 6 keys. You can put your house/car keys, cards in it when you go to work or on vacation
▶ Door/Wall Mount Optional: You can install this box on the wall, door, peephole, closet, or other secret places to make your keys safer
▶ No Battery Needed

What Will You Get
☑ 1 x Key Password Box
☑ 1 x Lock shackle
☑ 4 x Expanded Plug
☑ 4 x Short Screw
☑ 1 x Long Screw
☑ 1 x User Manual
☑ 30 Days Money Back + 1 Year Warranty

PHILORN Key Lock Box, 4-Digit Combination Lockbox

Color: Black

    ★【Super Convenient】: You will not forget to bring keys any more because no need to bring! No need to prepare a branch of keys for every family member or hide keys under doormat. All you need is a Philorn lock box, a password for your whole family. Also a perfect solution for storing AirBnB rental keys.

    ★【Nobody Can Open It Without Your Permission】: It is impossible to crack this 4-digit combinations lock because it can offer 10000 combinations which means real top security. Besides, you can reset the password at ease if necessary.

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